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For the child, play is serious, purposeful, and useful as a tool for knowing about the world. Play is essential for healthy developmental mentally, physically and socially. Play also serves as language for children, a practicing for life in which they can work through confusion, anxieties and conflicts. Play therapy is the treatment of choice for many of the problems children bring into treatment. As a play therapist I work with very young children and even incorporate play with teens, adults, and families.

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Association for Play Therapy
Utah Play Therapy Association


Sometimes it's difficult to determine the dynamics which create conflict or problem in the family while in an office setting. During a home visit I observe and evaluate behaviors, to pinpoint what dynamic may need an intervention.


My training in School Psychology along with the many years I taught teacher prep students combined with my experience evaluating schools across the country for a research firm contributes to my expertise in classroom interactions. This experience is utilized to evaluate quality teaching as well as implementing strong interventions that work in the classroom. I work hard with the entire school system to create an integrated team to help support the child who may be struggling in their class or at their school.